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Our business areas

At the heart of a rapidly changing sector. Anjac Health and Beauty, with its industrial and technological know-how in aerosols, semi-solids and liquids, has specialized over the years in the development and production of pharmaceuticals and medical devices of topical and ENT use.
We propose full service solutions to our clients integrating conception, development, MAH dossier, industrialization and production.
The high level of expertise of our pharmacists, engineers and staff is the guarantee for our customers for a successful launch and full compliance with industry standards.
As a strictly regulated industry, the world of dermocosmetics and parapharmacy in a broad sense requires a thorough knowledge of regulations, know-how of high level and complete control of manufacturing process. ANJAC Health & Beauty assists industrial companies in this market at all stages of the process of developing their products. The development of a new product (quasi-drug) requires to consider the sensory requirements, efficiency and toxicological aspects of the product created.
From the development of the dosage form to the objectification tests, we create the regulatory issues in accordance with European and international Directives.
The cosmetics market is growing strong and continually, it is a pole of excellence in France.
ANJAC Health & Beauty is nowadays the partner of leading French cosmetic brands.
In our qualified research laboratories, we develop for them specific cares, beauty products, face care, body treatments, make-up, fragrances.
We manufacture and pack the products in our production facilities in strict compliance with the regulations and requirements of customers and consumers.
Very dynamic, the hygiene market has multiple applications. It also addresses a wide range of stakeholders: individuals, local communities, food-processing industry and healthcare professionals. ANJAC Health & Beauty deploys its expertise in the design and manufacture of hygiene products to serve all these actors, integrating a strong environmental dimension in its processes.


  • Mouthwash for sore throats (aerosol / spray)
  • Spray nasal colds, rhinitis, allergy
  • Aerosol of sea or thermal water
  • Auricular drops
  • Baume decongestant (breathing)
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash


  • Cream, lotion dermocorticoid
  • Soothing cream, healing, moisturizing, antipruritic, restorative
  • Cream, ointment, balm, lotions and antiseptic spray
  • Cream, lotion and antifungal spray
  • Rectal foam.
  • Lotion and shampoo lice


  • Gel and anti-inflammatory spray
  • Gel pain relievers
  • Articular pain relief cream
  • Resolutive gel cream, heavy legs


  • Soap for intimate hygiene
  • Lubricant gel (Medical Device Class II)
  • Hormone replacement therapy gel (HRT)


  • Treatment products (balm, cream, serum, lotion, mask, gel, oil, mist)
  • Cleansing / Remover (cream, lotion, micellar water, balm, biphasic, patch)
  • Exfoliation / peeling (gel, cream, balm)
  • Shaving & after shave (gel, cream, foam, oil, lotion, balm)
  • Care of the eye contour (balm, cream, serum, mask, gel)
  • Lips care (stick, balm, cream)


  • Exfoliation / peeling (gel, cream, balm)
  • Cleansing (shower gel, liquid soap, shower cream, shower foam, bubble bath, bath oil)
  • Treatment products (balm, cream, serum, lotion, wrap [clay], gel, oil, mist, milk)
  • Deodorant (Roll on, Stick & spray)
  • Perfume (fragrant water, concrete, fragrant oil)
  • Hand Care (balm, cream, serum)
  • Footcare (balm, cream)


  • Cleansing (liquid soap, micellar water, foam, milk, oil, water cleaning)
  • Care (cream, milk, lotion, oil, balm, fragrance & scented water, gel)


  • Protection (sprayable milk, cream, oil, milk) (≤ SPF 100 +)
  • After Sun (milk, gel, cream, oil, mist, sprayable milk)
  • Self Tanning (spray, milk, serum)


  • Cleanser (shampoo liquid)
  • Conditioner (balm, cream, oil)
  • Care [repair / regrowth / nutritious / glow] (lotion, cream, balm, foam, oil)
  • Styling (gel, wax)


  • Blush
  • Highlighter
  • Bronzer
  • Face powder
  • Primer
  • Foundation, fluid foundation


  • Eyeshwadows
  • Eyebrows


  • Lipstick
  • Lip balm
  • Gloss
  • Chubby


  • Body powder

Mono pressed / Multi pressed

Loose powder filling

Back injection / IPM


  • Protective, healing and cleaning wipes (MD class II),


  • Cleansing towelette, exfoliating cloth, anti-ageing veil
  • Cleansing impregnated cotton pads, polish removal pads


  • Feminine hygiene veils
  • Cloth certified Ecocert Biological Cosmetics
  • Moisturizing veil, Post waxing veil, Deodorising veil


  • Sterile cleaning compresses (MD class II)


  • Moist toilet tissue


  • Impregnated coton pads for animal hygiene


  • Surface cleaning, antibacterial, glass wipes…
  • Car wipes, windshield, sits, instrument panel…
  • Aerosols (azote, CO2, butane-propane, compressed air, HFC 134a)
  • Spray pumps
  • Vials (Standard & Airless)
  • Jars (Heat sealing available)
  • Hot filling (stick deodorant, lip balm, balm)
  • Tube (plastic, aluminium, laminate, elliptical)
  • Sleeving, Cellophaning, Bundling
  • Boxing
  • Single glass vial
  • Powder micro dosing
  • Samples sticking, folding, assembly
  • Case, wrapping in sachet
  • Small POS, display units
  • Products (Compacts, skin care caps, jars, packaging for sampling)
  • Decoration (Hot stamping, tampo printing, silk screening)
  • Automated assembly (Multi-parts assembly, magnets loading, compact pinning, ultra-sonic welding, labelling, batch printing, seals assembly